Inman Aligners In Marylebone W1

A custom orthodontic appliance to gently and continuously straighten your front teeth

How Do Inman Aligners Work?

They utilise a unique spring and bar system, to apply gentle yet constant pressure to either your top, or bottom front teeth, or to both.

Inman Aligners rarely cause discomfort, due to creating an even, controlled pressure. Although you may need a week to adjust, you should also be able to speak normally with the aligners in place.

The amount of time you need to wear them varies from case to case. A month or so for straightfoward cases, perhaps three or four months to correct complex needs.

Are The Aligners Effective?

Although regularly updated, Inman Aligners have been in use internationally for more than a decade. Many thousands of patients have benefited from using them, including a good number at our W1 practice.

For straightening crooked front teeth, they are one of the best methods available in the world. Widely approved by dental institutes, regulatory bodies and our specialists at Marylebone.

How Do I Know If They Suit Me?

Most patients get on well with the aligners, whether they suit the exact needs you have should be determined by a specialist in orthodontics, during a personal assessment.

Dentalcare do offer other options, such as their own invisible braces, which can be used on all your teeth. Realigning front teeth alone is however quicker with Inman Aligners and they are often a good option.

To ensure you receive the treatment you need, a free assessment is available at Dentalcare Marylebone for Inman Aligners, with an orthodontics specialist. To book your appointment, call now on 020 7224 2727 or:

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